What is Supervision?

 Is it for you?


Supervision is fundamentally about…. having a safe place to reflect 

…on your practice and on your own wellbeing… and ultimately how they interact together. 


We all have those moment when we feel ‘oh!’‘what happened?’ or ‘why?’. We've experienced those car trips home when we struggle to see through our tears….! 


Let’s reflect and explore those moments… So that in the future, if a similar situation occurs again, you are ready, equipped and sensitive to the dynamics of practice.


Why have Supervision?

               Because you are important, your practice is important and your    

    women and families are important.

Whether it is to celebrate, to grieve or to prevent burn out, it is to accept that the quality of the care you give is directly related to how you are and what your worldview is.


And…. It is about, sustainability. It keeps your passion alive and ultimately it assists you in practicing according to your professional requirements.